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Lezioni d'amore
Italian edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2008)

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The central focus

This book is for people whose hearts yearn for love, for people in the throes of love, and for people waxing nostalgic over love. In short, this book is for all of us—to help us to understand what we’re feeling and to empower us with words and concepts so that we can talk about—and talk to others about—our love. The aim of LOVE LESSONS is to show how it’s possible to find happiness in love. Naturally that means taking into consideration elements like sex, eroticism, the various forms of pleasure, the differences and similarities between men and women, the multiple forms of love, and the experience of falling in love for real, as well as the numerous types of quickly-vanishing infatuation. LOVE LESSONS provides a thorough and detailed look at what amounts to the central experience of our lives.

Leader e masse
Italian edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2007)

The central focus

In history books and popular legends, all political and religious collective movements, as well as revolts and revolutions, are inevitably associated with the name of the charismatic leader who roused the masses into following him. Figures like Napoleon, Garibaldi, Marx, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, and Fidel Castro come to mind here, together with their immense sea of followers, i.e. the masses. While the picture they afford us of those times may be based on historical fact, it is also superficial. We need something more in order to understand the workings of the collective processes that shape human history. Any sort of deeper analysis means taking a look at the collective movements that at some point always crystallize around a leader and the masses. What I am offering to you, my readers, in this short book, is a trip through time, in search of secrets and things that are usually kept buried or hidden. I am confident that there are a number of surprising discoveries waiting for us if only we take a careful and patient look at the facts and then ask ourselves the right questions.

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Sesso e amore
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2005)

The Central Focus

SEX AND LOVE sets the record straight for readers disoriented by that confusing universe of jarring contradictions and sweet harmonies generated by the co-existing realities of sex and love.  Alberoni systematically explores the entire range of sexual and love experiences— from the impersonal to the intimate, from the frenzied coupling of two bodies to the joining of two souls, from violent, turbulent sex to physical exchanges of the utmost tenderness, and from the practice of unchecked promiscuity to the choice of total monogamous commitment.

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Il mistero dell'innamoramento

Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2003)

Foreign Editions
Spain: El misterio del enamoramento,
Gedisa (Barcelona, 2003)
Japan: Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 2003)
Portugal: Betrand (Lisbon, 2003)

L'arte del comando
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2002)

Foreign Editions
Spain : El arte de liderar, Gedisa (Barcelona, 2002)
Portugal : A arte de comandar, Gedisa (Lisbon, 2002)
Brazil : A arte de comandar, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 2004)
Japan: Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 2002)
Poland: Dialogo (Warsaw, 2003)
Lithuania: Istituto di cultura del dialogo (2004)
La speranza
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2001)

Foreign Editions
Spain: Le esperanza, Gedisa (Barcelona, 2001)
L'esperanca, Gedisa (Barcelona, 2001)
Portugal: Betrand (Lisbon, 2001)
Japan: Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 2001)
Le sorgenti dei sogni
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 2000)

Foreign Editions
Spain: El origen de los suenos, Gedisa (Barcelona, 2000)
La font del somnis, Gedisa (Barcelona, 2000)
Portugal : Bertrand (Lisbon, 2000)
Abbiate coraggio
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 1998)

Foreign Editions
Portugal : Tenham Coragem, Bertrand (Madera, 1999)
Spain : Ten coraja, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1999)
(Castilian version), Gedisa (Barcelona, 1999)
Japan: Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 1999)
Albania: Te kini kuraje, Botimet dritero (Tirane, 2001)
China: Classic comunication (Taipei)
Italian Edition
Rizzoli (Milan, 1997)

Foreign Editions
Portugal: O primeiro amor, Bertrand (Amadora, 1998)
Spain: El primero amor, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1998)
El nostre primer amor, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1998)
France: Le premier amour, Plon (Paris, 1999)
Japan : Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 1999)
China : Classic comunication (Taipei)
The Central Focus

This book is the first of its kind to discuss in scientific terms the falling-in-love process and love experiences of children, pre-adolescents, and teenagers. It demonstrates that even children fall in love, and that they begin to do so already at an early age. The likelihood of their falling in love is greatest when they settle into a new social environment or when they begin attending a new school. As far as the actual experience goes, they tend to be struck by love at first sight, the way adults are. They too feel flustered and red in the face; their heart starts pounding, and they feel that they want to be near the other person. This falling-in-love process differs from that of adults in that there is nothing sexual about it; also, there is the fact that children are dependent on their parents and so do not by definition form couples to challenge or threaten them. The bond that forms between these young adolescents, however, is often strong and long-lasting.

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Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1996)

Foreign Editions
English version: I love you, Coopli (Milan,1996)
Spain: Te amo, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1998); Te stimo,Gedisa (Barcelona 1998)
Germany: Liebe, Heine (Munich, 1998)
Japan: Chuokoron (Tokyo, 1997)
Portugal: Amo te, Bertrand (Amadora, 1997)
Greece: Peri erotos, Osichogios Pubbl. (Athens, 1998)
France: Je t'aime, Plon (Paris, 1997)
Sweden: Jag alskar dig, Korpen (Gothenburg, 1996)
Norwary: Eg elskar deg, Der Norkse Samlaget (Oslo, 1997)
Finland: Otava (Helsinki)
Korea: Green Book Publ. (Seul)
Poland:, Panstowowy Institut (Warsaw)
Hungary: Szeretlek, KFT Europa (Konyukiado)
Brazil: Eu te amo, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro)
Rumania: (no other information)
Turkey: Literatur Yayincilik (Istanbul)
China: Classic comunication (Taipei)
South Korea: Green Book (Seul)
The Central Focus

There are four processes involved in the unfolding of love relationships. The first has to do with the pleasure principle. We bond with others who give us pleasure. This is what underlies a child’s love for his mother, for instance. In adult life, the bonds forged by the pleasure principle are fragile, since they are inclined to break when the pleasure ceases. The second process has to do with the experience of loss. We bond the most intensely with love objects that seem to be eluding us, or that may be taken away from us. The third process concerns the pull that other people’s judgment have on us; in short, we are sensitive to others’ indications of what or who is desirable or to be valued. The fourth process involves the experience of the nascent or ignition state of falling in love, which transforms our love object and makes our fusion and union possible.

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Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1994)

Foreign Editions
Sweden: Optimism , Korpen (Gothenburg, 1995)
Spain: El optimismo, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1995)
Portugal: Bertrand (Amadora, 1996)
Poland: Ksiaska I Wiedza (Warsaw, 1996)
Japan: Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 1996)
China: Classic Comunication (Taipei, 1998)
South Korea: Mimunsa (Seul, 1998)
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1993)

Foreign Editions
Sweden: Varden, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1994)
Spain: Valores, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1994)
France: La morale, Plon (Paris, 1996)
Portugal : Valores, Bertrand (Amadora, 1994)
Brazil : Valores, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1995)
Denmark : Vaerdier, Lindhart og Ringhof (Copenhagen, 1997) Lithuania
The Central Focus

The book expands upon Alberoni’s philosophy on life and ethics, which he presented in a subtler and more lyrical form in his book The Tree of Life (1982). In each of the twenty-three “reflections” contained in Values, he discusses the problem of evil and violence. He shows how religion, ethics, and art are founded on categories and concepts different from those of science, and yet at the same time are worthy of the same respect. The rise of science intrinsically implied the elimination of value judgments as well as any notion of a final end. Over time it has become obvious, however, that science too is founded on certain a priori assumptions. For example, in the social sciences, cost vs. benefit correlations are presumed to represent an advantage. In essence, science presents us with the natural world, with all that already exists around us. Nature, however, is as indifferent to pain and suffering as it is to injustice. Although human beings belong to this natural world and are themselves unjust and violent, we nevertheless aspire to a world free from violence; we judge ourselves and Nature itself in this light. Ethics, therefore, is this way we have of judging the world “as if from the outside.”

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Il volo nuziale
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1992)

Foreign Editions
Spain: El vuelo nupcial, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1992)
Portugal: O voo nupcial, Bertrand (Venda nova, 1992)
Sweden: Drommar om karlek, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1992)
Brazil: O voo nupcial, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1993)
France: Le vol nuptial, Plon (Paris, 1994)
Finland : Haalento, Otava (Helsinki, 1995)
Denmark : Vorelskelsens veje, Lindhart og Rinhof (Copenhagen, 1994)
Gli invidiosi
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1990)

Foreign Editions
France: Les envieux, Plon (Paris, 1991)
Spain : Los invidiosos, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1991)
Portugal: Os Invejosos, Bertrand (Venda Nova, 1991)
Sweden : Avund, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1991)
Finland : Kateus, Otava (Helsinki, 1991)
Brazil : Os Invejosos, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1992)
Denmark: Lindhart og Ringhof (Copenhagen, 1992)
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Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1989)

Foreign Editions
Portugal: Génese, Bertrand (Venda Nova, 1990) Brazil: Génese, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1991) France: Genesis, Ramsey (Paris, 1991)
The Central Focus

As explained by this leading sociologist, the principal social formations that have existed over the centuries (churches, nations, political parties, and sects) all spring from collective movements—the only sort of social phenomenon capable of creating solidarity. According to English political theory (Hobbes and Locke), society and the State stem from a rational agreement or contract between individuals. As Francesco Alberoni sees things, however, such a contract can only establish and guarantee the weakest and most fragile type of human ties or relationships. Strong, lasting ties, on the other hand, are the result of inner change—i.e. the experience of a nascent state—which makes it possible for people to merger together and form a community.

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L'altruismo e la morale
Italian Edition
Garzanti/ S. Veca (Milan, 1989)

Foreign Editions
Sweden: Moral och Karlek, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1989)
Spain: Altruismo y moral, Ediciones B (Madridi, 1989)
           (Castilian version), Ediciones 62 (Barcelona, 1990)
France: L’altruisme et la morale, Ramsay (Paris, 1990)
Germany : Die neue moral der Liebe, Piper (Munich, 1990)
Finland: Otava (Helsinki, 1990)
Portugal: Bertrand (Amadora, 1990)
Brazil: Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1990)
Pubblico e Privato
Foreign Editions
Garzanti (Milan, 1987)

Edizioni Straniere
France: Vie publique et vie privée, Ramsay (Paris, 1988)
Spain : Publico y Privado, Grupo Zeta (Madrid, 1988)
Denmark: Offentligt e privat, Information Forlag (Kobenhavn, 1988)
Sweden: Privat och Offentligt, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1988)
Spain: Pùblic I privat, Laia (Barcelona, 1988)
Portugal: Publico e privado, Bertrand (Venda Nova, 1988)
Japan:  Soshi Sha (Tokyo, 1998)
China: Hsing Kwang (Taipei)
South Korea: Sejong Book (Seul)
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1986)

Foreign Editions
Spain: El erotismo, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1986)
France: L'érotisme, Ramsay (Paris, 1986)
Denmark: Erotik, Information Forlag (Kobenhavn, 1986)
Sweden: Erotik, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1986)
Spain: L'érotisme, Laia (Barcelong, 1986)
Norway: Erotikk,Samlaget (Oslo, 1987)
Finland : Erotikka, Otava (Helsinki, 1987)
Germany: Erotik, Piper (Munich, 1987)
The Netherlands: Vitgeverij Balans (Amsterdam, 1987)
Portugal: O erotismo, Bertrand (Venda Nova, 1988)
Brazil: O erotismo, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1988)
South Korea: Shiyushi Publishing e Ed. (1989)
Japan: Chuokoron-Sha (Tokyo)
Bulgaria: Glibri (Sofia)
The Central Focus

While male eroticism focuses primarily on the visual or genital, and is fundamentally promiscuous, female eroticism is broader in scope and involves all the senses; in addition, it is usually directed at a male who has demonstrated his worth and seems like a winner. A man is erotically aroused by physical shapes and forms, and by the sight of sexual intercourse. A woman’s erotic appetite is more influenced by feelings, passion, and a sense of the significance that the man has for her. While it frequently happens that men want to have sex with a woman without having any feelings for her, or even without wanting to exchange a words with her (as in the case of a prostitute), women always are looking to hook up psychologically with a man, or at the very least to find that he has some desirable ethical quality or social charm. For this reason women are immensely attracted to important men, champion athletes, or film stars, and want to make love with them insofar as they are perceived as having prestige and value. A woman may also desire a man simply because he is good-looking; when this is the case, it is because she personally considers male beauty to be a sign of excellence.

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Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1984)

Foreign Editions
France: L'amitié, Ramsay (Paris, 1985)
Spain: La amistad, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1985)
           L'amistat, Laia (Barcelona, 1986)
Denmark: Venskab, Information Vorlag (Kobenhavn, 1984)
Sweden: Vanskap, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1984)
Norway: Vennskap, Samlaget (Oslo, 1986)
Portugal: A amizade, Bertrand (Amadora, 1987)
Finland: Ystavyys, Otava (Helsinki, 1987)
Brazil: A amizade, Rocco (Rio de Janeiro, 1989)
Russia: Progress Publ. House (Moscow, 1991)
Japan: Chukoron-Sha (Tokyo, 1993)
Poland: O prizyjazni, Institut Kultury (Warsaw, 1994)
Turkey: Literatur Yayincilik (Istanbul)
The Central Focus

A friend (a true friend) is someone who understands you and stands by you, someone you can trust and who will always defend your good name. In this sense, friendship is a form of love, only of a specifically moral kind. To put it more precisely, friendship is Eros in its ethical form. By consequence, it follows that if a friend betrays your trust, the friendship between you immediately ends and will never be possible again.

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L'albero della vita
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1982)

Foreign Editions
Spain: El arbol de la vida, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1983)
Portugal: Relogio D'Agua (Lisbon, 1984)
Le ragioni del bene e del male
Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1981)

Foreign Editions
Spain: Las razones del bien y del mal, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1983)
Portugal: Distribudora Record (Lisbon, 1983) Denmark: Information Forlag (Copenhagen, 1984)
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Italian Edition
Garzanti (Milan, 1979)

Foreign Editions
Spain: Enamoramiento y amor, Gedisa (Barcelona, 1980)
Enamorament I amor, Laia (Barcelona, 1988)
France: Le Choc amoureux, Ramsay (Paris, 1981)
Denmark : Forelkelse og Kaerlighed, Information Forlag (Kopenhavn, 1981)
Sweden: Foralskelse och Ka, Korpen (Guthenburg, 1982)
Greece: To xupnema tou erota, Chadjinikoli (Athens, 1982)
Germany: Verliebt sein und Lieben, D.V.A. (Stuttgart, 1983)
Portugal: Enamoramento e amor, Bertrand (Lisbon, 1983)
U.S.A: Falling in Love, N.Y. (Random House, 1984)
Finland: Rakastuminen, Otava (Helsinki, 1984)
Norway: Forelsking og Kjaerleik, Norske (Oslo, 1985)
Brazil: Enamoramento e amor, Rocco (Rio De Janeiro, 1986)
Japan: Shinhyron (Tokyo, 1986)
Russia: Progress Publ. House (Moscow, 1991)
Turkey: Literatur Yayincilik (Istanbul)
Israel: (Hebrew version),  Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publisher (Jerusalem)
The Central Focus

For Alberoni, falling in love is a process similar to that of a political or religious change of faith. We fall in love when we are ready for a change, when our attempts to save our previous love relationship have all failed. At such a moment a rapid process of deconstruction-reconstruction occurs inside us, which can be termed a nascent state (a sort of ignition phase). Our old relationship disintegrates into a thousand pieces, and in its place we reconstruct our world and our future around the person that we love.

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Italian Edition
Il Mulino (Bologna, 1977)

Foreign Editions
Spain: Movimiento y Instituciòn, Editora National (Madrid, 1984)
U.S.A.: Movement and Institution, Columbia Univ.Press (N.Y.,1984)
Italian Edition
Il Mulino (Bologna, 1976)
Italian Edition
Il Mulino (Bologna, 1970)
Italian Edition
Il Mulino (Bologna, 1968)
Italian Edition
Il Mulino (Bologna, 1964)
Italian Edition
Vita e Pensiero (Milan, 1963)

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