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LOVE LESSONS (Rizzoli 2008)

This book is for people whose hearts yearn for love, for people in the throes of love, and for people waxing nostalgic over love. In short, this book is for all of us—to help us to understand what we’re feeling and to empower us with words and concepts so that we can talk about—and talk to others about—our love.

The aim of LOVE LESSONS is to show how it’s possible to find happiness in love. Naturally that means taking into consideration elements like sex, eroticism, the various forms of pleasure, the differences and similarities between men and women, the multiple forms of love, and the experience of falling in love for real, as well as the numerous types of quickly-vanishing infatuation. LOVE LESSONS provides a thorough and detailed look at what amounts to the central experience of our lives.

In order to make things as clear and simple as possible, I’ve opted here for the question-and-answer approach. These two hundred questions were put to me at one time or another by men, women, the young, the elderly, Italians, foreigners, heterosexuals and homosexuals, people in love, and people not in love. I’ve done my best to answer each question as briefly and succinctly as possible, trying for the profound essence without beating round the bush and using language that passes the test both for scientific rigor and poetic evocativeness. You see, I believe that while knowledge finds expression in science, for love the medium is poetry…so the only way to communicate the truth about love is to use both!

The book’s question-and-answer format also makes it possible for you to quiz yourself on how much you know or on what you really think about love. You might also decide to use it in a game to play with the person you love…or with someone whom you’re just dying to get to know better. In any case, all the things that you’ve never thought about before regarding love are here for you in LOVE LESSONS, just waiting to be discovered.

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